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Our Approach

Techliant LLC is a veteran's owned company with a dedicated team of experienced information technology professionals providing a comprehensive approach to organizational information technology. Our approach allows our clients to make informed decisions about their goals, strategy, and the technology enablers.

Reason to Choose 

Today’s complex and powerful IT infrastructures are a double edged sword – capable of providing highly reliable and fast access to a diverse and mobile user population but also targets for hackers from around the world attempting to cripple your network or steal private data. We help our clients build and manage highly available and secure technical infrastructures to ensure the successful deployment and operation of their applications and communications.

Techliant's methodology of Secure | Scale | Sustain focuses on the most critical aspects of IT management and operations.

Our specializations

-Network and Infrastructure Support
-Security, Privacy & Compliance
-Strategic Planning and Analysis
-Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Techliant LLC sees beyond the technology focusing on your organization's goals and objectives.  Techliant LLC leverages it's expertise as enablers to bring technology to a complementary status with the human element.