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Techliant LLC was formed in October of 2003 with the goal of being results oriented, focus-driven, and a value added cost to the customer.

Why were different


Techliant LLC work with clients to deliver practical, measurable and sustainable results day in and day out. By helping clients make the right strategic decisions and implement the right solutions at the right cost, Techlaint serves as an enabler for your organization.


With expansive experience, Techliant applies the disciplined approach to your technology needs by focusing on the three most critical aspects within IT today. Security, Scalability, and Sustainability are the driving factors for business that enable their performance and capabilitites. Techliant LLC is positioned with it's collaborative and responsive approach to focus organizations on these critical pieces.


Techliant LLC personnel are among the best in the industry with experience and dedication to apply to your needs. Techliant LLC depends on it's personnel to set the stage for future business by developing relationshionship with it's customers, focusing results and enabling technology as a complementing element.